Seminar on Drugs Abuse Awareness and Prevention at Bacha Khan University, Charsadda

The Ministry of Narcotics Control (MNC) in collaboration with the BACHA KHAN UNIVERSITY, CHARSADDA, (BKUC), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, organized a Seminar on Drugs Abuse Awareness and Prevention on 13th September 2018 at BACHA KHAN UNIVERSITY, CHARSADDA. The MNC has been working in close collaboration with all educational and Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) for effective campaign against hazards of drug abuse. Prof. Dr. S.M SaqlainNaqvi, Vice chancellor, BACHA KHAN UNIVERSITY, CHARSADDA, welcomed the Ministry of Narcotics Control’s awareness team which included Mr. Akbar Ghani Khan Khattak, Section Officer, who was the Guest Speaker on drug abuse awareness and prevention. Dr. Syed Salim Shah, Director Administration, Dr. Akbar Shah Mohmand, Director ORIC, BKUC, Col. (Retd) Jan Firdaus, Chief Security Officer, BKUC, and Mr. Muhammad Umar, Additional Assistant Commissioner (Land Revenue),Charsadda, were also present on the occasion.  The Vice Chancellor appreciated the efforts of MNC to eradicate the growing use of drugs in youth. He also highlighted the role of teachers in combating the drugs abuse in society. Teachers can help develop and nurture the idea of school as a community. This creates a sense of belonging, attachment and protection for students, which counteracts tendencies towards abuse of drugs and other substances. Mr. Akbar Ghani Khan Khattak, in his address, sensitized the students about severity of the prevailing drug situation.

Young people are more susceptible to drug use.Young people often talk about the “highs” butmay not be aware of the many “lows”. He explained the students that drug abuse is linked to factors such as risk taking behaviors that may involve experimenting with narcotics, smoking and alcohol, social isolation, stress, anxiety, depression, peer pressure (bad company), modern life style, hippy culture, unemployment, excessive pocket money by parents and lack of supervision and attention, the desire for social acceptance, boredom, curiosity, just to feel good, weak religious belief and lot of free time at their disposal, easy access to drugs at low prices, existence and presence of drug dens, to overcome frustration and or tragedies, use as pain medication and fashion. He reiterated to the students to stay, safe and positive for their goals in life. The Session was followed by the Q&A Session and ended with exchange of souvenirs among the panelists.