Khyber Area Development Project


To make the area accessible to the political administration and to stop poppy cultivation and other illicit trades to improve the rural economy of the area as a whole with a view to attain parity in living standards of the area with other areas of the Agency. Thiswill be achieved through multi sectoral thrust in agriculture development rural road construction, providing irrigation and drinking water supply facilities. It is expected that the result would be an improvement in standard of living of the local population. Moreover with the construction of the new roads the area will be opened to government inputs in the shape of improved social facilities.


i. 77 kilometer blacktop roads

ii.  37 kilometer of Shingle roads

iii. 35 Drinking Water Supply Schemes

iv. 41 open wells

v.  49 Irrigation Channels

vi. 10 Micro Hydel Power Generation Units

vii. Distributed seed/fertilizer to 12,212 acres of land.



S. No. Source of Funding Revised Cost Expenditure
1 INL/US Grant Contribution 1093.284 595.186
2 GoP Contribution 142.246 94.198
Total 1235.530 689.384

Approved By: Approved by CDWP on 17-07-2014. Completion date is 30-6-2017