Bajaur Area  Development Project


  1. To provide alternative means of livelihood to the people of poppy cultivated areas in the target area.
  2. To make the area accessible to the Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs).
  3. To completely eradicate poppy cultivation from the area.
  4. To sustain the achievements made by the project during previous phases.


The following schemes would be implemented after recruitment of project staff which includes:

  1. blacktop roads
  2. Shingle roads
  3. Irrigation channels
  4. Hydel Power Generation Units
  5. Drinking Water Supply Schemes
  6. Distribution of seed/fertilizer.
S. No. Source of Funding Cost Expenditure
1 INL/US Grant Contribution 700.000 NIL
2 FATA Secretariat (ADP) 52.753 NIL
3 GoP Contribution 158.263 NIL
Total 911.016 NIL

Approved By: Approved by CDWP on 06-09-2013. Completion date is 30-06-2016