International Cooperation

Illicit trafficking of narcotics and drug abuse is a global challenge. Pakistan is acting as a front line state in combating the menace of drugs. Government of Pakistan has taken number of initiatives to control spread and trafficking of illicit narcotics. However, Pakistan cannot fight this menace alone therefore; international cooperation is important pillar of Pakistan’s strategy against drugs. Drug problem needs to be tackled collectively as a common and shared responsibility. In this spirit, Pakistan has not only actively participated in all forums working/planning against the menace of illicit but foster efforts to enhance regional and international cooperation through number of bilateral and multilateral forums. Significant among them are following:

  1. Commission on Narcotic Drugs
  2. Quadrilateral forum with Russia (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Russia)
  3. Triangular Initiative (Paris Pact)
  4. All Expert Round Table meetings of Paris Pact
  5. Quadrilateral Forum
  6. Bilateral consultations with China, UK, US and many other countries
  7. Active engagement with EU